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Why are pre-treatment protocols necessary?

For medical grade chemical peels and deeper laser resurfacing, pre-treatment protocols may be needed two - eight weeks prior to treatment.

This is essential to reduce the risks of:

  • Post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation (likely with darker skin types)
  • Scarring (very rare)
  • Hypo-pigmentation (uncommon, associated more with deeper peels and deep laser resurfacing)
  • Prolonged redness
  • Textural changes (with deeper peels)

How will I know if I need to prep my skin before treatment?

A Doctor’s consultation is needed to determine if a pre treatment regime is required prior to your treatment plan. Several factors will be taken into account such as your:

  • Skin colour
  • Skin sensitivity
  • History of post inflammatory pigmentation/melasma
  • Scarring/keloid history and risk
  • Treatment module used and its risks

What will I need to use before my treatment?

Depending on your risks and treatment module used, you may be recommended to use either/ or a combination of:

  • AHA products
  • BHA products
  • Retinoid
  • Prescription or other lightening agents