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Want glowing skin? What treatment should you use?

We all want healthy glowing skin, and we believe that this can be achieved at any age.

In order to achieve this, we need to target the appropriate layer of skin using combination therapy and supplement this with a maintenance plan.

The focus of the treatment needs to encompass:


Refers to the appearance of the surface of the skin. This includes changes in colour (pigmentation/redness), sun damage, scarring, and enlarged pores.

What can help improve skin texture? Lasers, chemical peels, skin needling.


How tight is the skin? Is there any loose skin, jowls, nasolabial folds, heavy eyelids?

What can help improve skin tone? Laser and surgical lifting.


Addressing skin volume involves the assessment of fat and collagen distribution and fullness. With ageing, loss of volume is a common presentation.

What can help skin volume? Dermal fillers, lasers and fat transfers.

For a naturally healthy look, we need to always address skin texture, tone , volume and provide the right treatment for your needs.