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Patients seeing the doctor for consultation are charged $180 for a period of 30 minutes. The fees are non-negotiable. This time is needed for thorough history taking, examination and generating a treatment plan. This fee is only redeemable for any cosmetic injectables done on the day if time allows.

Procedure Fee

The procedure fees listed on the website are base guidelines and are subject to change without notice. The procedure fee will vary between each procedure/patient requirement and treatment modality used. The procedure fee will be provided to you prior to the procedure. By consenting to a procedure, you are also consenting to payment of that treatment. If you decide not to go ahead with the procedure on the day, the consultation fee of $180 is charged.


The doctor does not provide accounts and the fee of consultation/procedure is to paid on the day of presentation.


The doctor will not perform cosmetic treatments on minors. An ID will be requested at the time of presentation to the reception. Please also do not bring any children/family/friends to the treatment on the day. Only the patient will be allowed in the room during treatment.  The doctor has the right to cancel the appointment if this protocol is not followed and a fee of $180.00 will be charged.

Cancellation fee

A cancellation fee of $180 applies to appointments that are cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notification. This is non-negotiable.

Suitability of the treatment

Not all patients will be suitable for the treatment they request. All efforts will be made to achieve a desirable outcome, but there is no guarantee that all treatments are effective.

The doctor reserves the right to cancel and not proceed with treatment if it is in the doctor’s opinion that the patient is unsuited, or the doctor/patient relationship is not functional. If the patient/doctor relationship is ceased, the patient will be referred to a different treatment provider.


Photography is an important part of clinical documentation. Every patient will have photography during their initial consultation. The doctor will only use these images for training or posting online, and this will only be done when the patient signs a consent form.

Contraindications to Treatments

The patient will be informed in advance regarding any contraindications to treatment (eg. tans for laser, cold sores, pregnancy etc., medications). It is patient’s responsibility to inform the doctor prior to treatment. This is for the patient’s safety and to reduce harm. If the patient presents with any contradictions to a booked procedure, then the treatment will be cancelled and a fee of $180.00 will be charged to the patient.

Review Post Procedure

The patient will be advised regarding the date for a review post procedure. If there are any complications before the review date, the patient must present to the doctor and a consultation fee will be incurred for that review. In the case of a serious cosmetic complication of vascular occlusion or infection, the patient must contact the provided emergency contact number and the doctor will see the patient immediately for treatment and/or will advise on further immediate emergency care/referral.

Complimentary tops up are only offered to first time patients after a review of anti-wrinkle injection based treatments and is based on the doctor’s assessment and decision (limited appropriate number of units). Dermal filler top ups will be at patient’s expense.

All faces are asymmetrical. The doctor will try their best to correct your concerns. Any cost post procedure of asymmetry will be at patient’s cost.

Patient Running Late

If the patient is running late, it is the patient’s responsibility to inform the clinic/doctor. Their appointment will be accommodated as best as possible, however, if they are running more than 15 minutes late, then the appointment will be cancelled and the patient will be charged $180.

Doctor Running Late

The doctor may run late for various reasons. The staff will inform you if the doctor is running late. You may be accommodated for your appointment or advised to rebook depending on circumstances. If you leave without first informing the staff then this may incur a fee.

Dissolving Dermal Fillers

The doctor only uses temporary dermal fillers. If the treatment is performed by the doctor and the patient requests dissolving of the dermal fillers, this is done at minimum of four weeks post initial procedure. The treatment may require multiple sessions and cost $650 each session. The doctor reserves the right to decline the treatment of dissolving dermal fillers if it is their opinion that it is unsafe or not in the patient’s best interest or if they wish to cease the practitioner patient relationship. In this case, the doctor may refer the patient to another clinic.

Refund policy

There is no refund to consultation/procedure fee.

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