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Guide to dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections: How much do I need?

Every face is different and therefore requires an individualised approach when it comes to correcting with aesthetic harmony.

With age, we experience volume loss and wrinkling in different areas of our face. For mild volume loss sometimes 1ml of dermal filler is enough to achieve results, and in some patients up to 8mls may be required. Lip fillers usually only require 1ml.

Dermal fillers (as a guide)

  • Early 20s: 1-1.5mls
  • Mid to late 30s: 2-4mls
  • Mid to late 40s: 3-6 mls
  • 50s+: 4-8+mls

Anti-wrinkle injections (as a guide)

  • Frown lines: 20-35 units
  • Crows feet: 12-16 units per side
  • Forehead lines: 12-16 units

For each of our patients, we make an individualised assessment based on their needs.

After the initial consult, we provide our patients with an accurate estimate of both quantity of dermal fillers/anti-wrinkle injections required and the cost to achieve their desired outcome.

Both dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections can be performed on the same treatment day, and when performed correctly, lead to a natural appearance.