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Are we starting to look the same?

Trends come and go. Think…eyebrows. For me first it was bushy brows (Brooke Shields), then the trend changed to the 90s brows (Geri Halliwell).

Now natural brows are in. As humans we follow trends and generally we like to belong and be a part of a particular identity group. It’s human nature.

Are We Starting To Look The Same 1

As I peruse through instagram, I am finding that people seem to look the same, they want a certain type of nose, elevated cheeks, perfect “snatched” jawline and a nice chin. Lips have moved back towards a more natural appearance. Thank god the duck lips are gone!

Some aesthetic injectable training providers also teaching a particular way… suggesting that one technique “fits all”. So, I ask the question again…are we starting to look the same? For me the answer is “yes”, when I look at what’s put out there in social media.

I think we as clinicians need to see beauty that we can enhance rather than alter by taking a cookie cutter approach. The face is ever-changing. Trends come and go. As humans I think it is important to keep our individuality through our own beauty and all its flaws and celebrate it!

Are We Starting To Look The Same 2