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6 Tips for Planning Your Next Dermal Filler Appointment

Dermal fillers take time to settle and to see the overall desired effects it may take 4-8 weeks. This makes it important to plan your next appointment appropriately (i.e  at least 4 weeks before an event). Doing so will help you achieve the best results with dermal filler treatment.
what to do and avoid after a dermal filler treatment

  1. Do not book an appointment for dermal fillers if you are planning for pregnancy (6 months before being pregnant) or breastfeeding.
  2. Do not book if you are planning to travel a week after treatment. 
  3. Avoid booking a treatment if you have any infections on the face (infected acne, cold sores, dental or sinus infections). Let the doctor know if you are prone to cold sores. This way a prevention medication can be prescribed to avoid a breakout.
  4. Friday is often an ideal day for booking dermal filler treatments. Ensure you have a
    weekend of recovery from swelling or bruising.
  5. Avoid alcohol a day before and cease any over the counter medication that can cause bruising (krill oil, fish oil, ibuprofen)
  6. Do not do any vigorous exercise after the treatment.

The skin treatment can freshen and transform your look. Better planning is best for optimum results.

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