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5 tips for healthy skin

Healthy skin can be achieved at any age and for any skin type. These are some of my tips for healthy skin.

1. Protect

Our sun is so harsh that it increases risk of skin cancers, but also causes wrinkles and pigmentation issues. It’s important to wear a moisturiser with SPF 50 everyday and also a hat. Apply SPF on your face, ears, neck, décolletage, and back of the hands everyday. There has also been talk about blue light from your phones/laptops damaging the skin. I don’t think there is currently any concrete evidence to support this yet, but watch this space.

2. Nourish

Glow from within! A healthy diet rich in good fats, colourful veggies and just the right amount of fish, poultry and meat is ideal. Grow your veggies if you can otherwise get your produce from your local grower/farmers. Move when you can, reduce stress, get enough sleep,  cut down on alcohol and stop smoking.

3. Diagnose

Get the correct diagnosis for your skin concerns. There are various medical conditions (eg skin cancers, autoimmune, medication side effects) that can present as aesthetic skin concerns.

4. Repair with the right tools

Once the diagnosis is made, it can now be repaired or reduced in appearance. Using the right treatment is vital in achieving your personal beauty goals.

5. Maintain

A good home care maintenance program and or future treatments are needed to see ongoing results as well as maintaining and preventing further concerns.